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EC3 Conference 2023

I presented our latest Web3 data access prototype.

Our EC3 conference paper evaluates a prototype for new possible ways to access data over the lifecycle of a built asset using blockchain and distributed data protocols.

  • J Hunhevicz, D Bucher, R Soman, M Honic, DM Hall, C De Wolf; “Web3-based role and token data access: the case of building material passports”; EC3 Proceedings; YouTube; 2023.

I also co-authored three other papers, one of which I presented on behalf of Natalia Kobylinska:

  • N Kobylinska, D Raghu, M Gordon, J Hunhevicz, C De Wolf; “Predicting recoverable material stock in buildings: using machine learning with demolition audit data as a case study”; EC3 Proceedings; YouTube; 2023.
  • T Dounas, J Hunhevicz, B Byers; “Design dimensions for blockchain oracles in the AEC industry”; EC3 Proceedings; YouTube; 2023.
  • J Li, D Kifokeris, M Barati, G Calis, DM Hall, J Hunhevicz, M Kassem, M Msawil, I P Arnal, M Sreckovic; “Human-Data Interaction (HDI) and blockchain: an exploration of the open research challenges for the construction community”; EC3 Proceedings; YouTube; 2023.